Research and Development in Electric Vehicle Technologies

NITI Aayog is organizing the ‘Global Mobility Summit’ from 7th-8th September, 2018. While the summit will holistically cover different aspects of mobility for developing a clean, shared and connected; and affordable, accessible and inclusive transport system, a conference with the focus on research and development in electric mobility sector is being organized at IIT Delhi on 1st September as a precursor to the main summit. The conference named “Research and Development in Electric Vehicle Technologies” is aimed at bringing together Academia, Start-ups, Incubators, and Industries working on R&D in the electric mobility sector. The focus of the conference would be to chalk out definite pathways for Research and Development, such that challenges in the electric mobility sector could be turned into a win-win opportunity by making India leader in technology and product development. Various participants will bring together a plethora of knowledge and past experiences, which could act as a base for identifying technologies and areas for future investment, to achieve focused research outcomes. The deliberations in the conference would take place through following sessions:

  • Session 1: Drive-train and chargers for EVs
  • Session 2: Recycling and Materials for Li-Ion batteries and materials for light-weighting vehicles
  • Session 3: Li-Ion Battery technology for EVs: Packs and Cells
  • Session 4: Alternate fuel sources and batteries for clean mobility



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